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May Annexus Success Academy!

Stronger Product, Enhanced Comp Options, New Sales Strategies – Annexus Success Academy Please turn on images for more information.
The Annexus Success Academy is the industry's premier annuity sales training program! Click this link to discover more.
With the introduction of the first uncapped accumulation IUL product in Annexus history, producers now have access to the premier sales training program – The Annexus Success Academy! From proven business building tools delivered by some of the most respected trainers in the field to valuable insights from industry leaders responsible for billions in sales, you will learn exactly what you need to take your practice to a new level.
At this exclusive training event, you'll learn more about the industry-leading accumulation IUL product of 2016 from Annexus.
Annexus Success Academy
May 19 - 20, 2016   |   Talking Stick Resort
Registration closes May 13th
Registration closes May 13th and is limited to 250 top financial professionals
Contact us to qualify   Call us at 978-777-2221 to see if you qualify for this exclusive event.
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