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Monthly Gold's 11 Ways to Follow Up! (Issue 3)

Now this may seem silly to say, but we mean it...

    Now this may seem silly to say, but we mean it... follow up with your clients! There is nothing more important than getting in touch with your clients on a regular basis! You did after all; invest their money and gave them the best guarantee at living the lifestyle they want during retirement, right? Well, this should be no problem then! Here are a couple of ideas on how to master the art of relationship management and what makes it so important!

  • Regular Meetings
    Schedule regular meetings with your clients to make sure you are helping them meet their financial goals in the best possible way. Ask them if they have any concerns or questions. Ask them if there is anything you can do better, for them!
  • Statements
    Send them their investment statements and follow up with them to see if they have any need for clarification.