Traditional Long Term Care


It is a well discussed fact that most of us will get sick enough in our lifetimes to need assistance.

When you need help that goes beyond general illnesses and you are unable to carry on life’s basic activities of daily living (ADL’s), like Walking, Eating, Bathing, Dressing, Toileting, Transferring or experience dementia or have other cognitive impairment, then you need Long term care.

We know and understand that 100% of us will need to figure out our income to support our retirement, but more than 60% of us over the age of 65 will need some long term care and the additional income to help pay for that care.

Pinnacle Advisors Group offers a complete Traditional Long Term Care insurance service line up. Traditional Wholesaling support, Application Taking Service after you complete the sale, Advisor Assist service, where we are on the phone with you and your client at every step of the sales process and a Referral Service, where you just refer your client to us and we make the sale for you. In all cases, you still make full compensation and we put you on a pedestal with your clients.