The Executive Team

At Pinnacle we believe in giving you every resource necessary to survive and grow your business in the financial industry. 
Your priorities, are our priorities. Our Executive Team is always here to help you!


The Executive Advisor Consultant Team

We would like for you to think of our  Advisor Consultant Teams, as your personal consultants on everything product! The Advisor Consultant Team is there to help you with case design, product knowledge, illustrations, and much more. Our team of Advisor Consultants are versed in the most competitive financial products, as well as a large array of value adds that can help you grow to the size you want, with the speed you want.  

To contact our Executive Advisor Consultant Team:
Ryan Griffin at (800)446-2649 x 104
Dan Wilson at (800)446-2649 x 105
Peter Rodis, ChFC® at (800)446-2649 x 108


New Business & Inforce Specialist

The Pinnacle Team wants to remind you that we are your back office. We are your go-to company for your entire annuity and life needs. If you have questions regarding new business, policy information (issued, pending or inforce), as well as commissions, please do not hesitate to contact us!
We always want you to be taken care of, from case inception to servicing once the policy issues. 

To contact our Executive New Business & Inforce Specialist:
Brianna at (800)446-2649 x 107

Please Note — All New Business Applications can be sent in the following ways:  
Direct Mail:
ATTN: New Business
138 Conant St. 4th Floor, Beverly MA 01915
Fax: (978)777-8833 (Please fax with a cover sheet)


Angilina P.
Director of MArketing

Angilina's role in the company is to help market Pinnacle and their Advisors. She is responsible for the planned and unplanned images of the CEO and other upper management. Along with these key roles, she covers research and trial and error of marketing products making sure what we offer our advisors is an unbeatable value, and most importantly completely effective. 


Nicole H., MBA, Dpl. Betrw.
Director of Operations

Nicole is a member of the upper management team. Her role ensures that the company's daily activities run smoothly. Nicole also has the responsibility to set the framework to judge how effectively and efficiently the business is operating. Nicole's main job is to help the company reach maximum productivity. One of Nicole's primary goals as the director of operations is to ensure that our advisors are benefiting by making sure the company runs on all cylinders at all times.