Health & Wealth Education

10 million baby boomers are now over the age of 65. The majority of them feels they are inadequately prepared to pay for healthcare costs after retirement and unsure of how much wealth they must accumulate to address these costs. Pinnacle has partnered with HealthView Services - a pioneer in Healthcare Cost Analysis - to provide our advisors with a comprehensive, one of a kind system that allows for individualized healthcare cost projections throughout a client's entire retirement lifestage. 

The system delivers:

  • Personalized HealthCare Costs Analysis for your clients, including Medicare and Long-term Care estimations, allowing for "what if" scenarios 

  • Identification of Funding Solutions to cover the identified costs, to include social security 

  • An interactive illustrations system with individualized client reports (also available as an app for your mobile device)

  • A vast array of marketing tools that will help you generate leads, to include seminar presentations, letter templates, newsletters, and education guides

  • Online Tutorials as well as expert advice for your more complex questions

Call us today at 800-446-2649 to find out more about this revolutionary planning system and how you can use it to generate additional business.