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While the full extent of the final ruling of the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule on the sellers of Fixed Indexed Annuities (and Indexed Universal Life Insurance) is yet to be determined, we have compiled some helpful information about the ruling, on how it might affect our business, along with current litigation updates and more. Since the full extent is yet to be determined, we believe that nothing is set in stone, but we are prepared to combat any future results of the Department of Labor's Fiduciary Rule and to help our advisors combat any future results to the fullest extent of our abilities as well.

With Pinnacle, we stand with our advisors on their future.

Litigation Updates
(May 11, 2016) ACLI Moves Closer to Fiduciary Lawsuit 

Commentary Updates
(June 20, 2016) DOL Rule Unfairly Blames Advisors
(May 2, 2016) Concessions or Corrections: What Motivated Changes to the Final Fiduciary Rule? 

Additional Articles
(June 1, 2016) Substituting Income Annuities For Bond Funds in Retirement (by Wade D. Pfau)

Department of Labor's Fiduciary Fact Sheet
DOL Proposes Rule to Address Conflicts of Interest in Retirement Advice, Saving Middle-Class Families Billions  of Dollars Every Year 


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